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USC wanted to relaunch their brand to the Gen-Z audience bringing to life their purpose as a retail outlet where icons aren’t born, they’re made.


We created a full funnel strategy for USC targeting Gen-Z, including OOH campaign, in-store events, loyalty programme and festival activity. We delved into the passion and pain points in the relationship between our audience and fashion, to draw an emotional connection between USC and the audience.

The USC brand motto of ‘Icons aren’t born, they’re made’ gave us inspiration to understand what role fashion plays in the making of an icon. Whilst brands like Dr Marten’s and Vans are iconic, they are made iconic by the people who wear them alongside the representation pf strong subcultures. When arriving at University, students are exposed to new styles, new communities and are given the opportunity, for the first time, to explore their own identity. So our campaign line of ‘In the Making’ aimed to bring to life this journey of self-discovery across a variety of passion points represented by our Gen Z cultural creators. Style can be influenced on the canvas, through what you capture or the people you spend your time with. No matter your journey to becoming an icon - you can find your style at USC.


Through a cross-platform approach, we were able to leverage our expertise of the Gen Z community, placing them and their passions at the centre of this campaign to successfully relaunch USC. We showcased our SBAs on OOH across the country, giving them the opportunity to become a famous face in their student communities. 

Not only this, we extended the campaign to Reading Festival where we curated a the USC Stage DJ line up as well as and an in-store sneaker customisation event for loyal student customers.


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