The Raptor Student Experience

By admin September 8, 2017

Raptor is known for its ability track down the thought leaders and trailblazers of generation Z. These guys are savvy, confident individuals with extensive knowledge of their university territory and are hugely influential over the rest of their peers.

Due to the somewhat guerilla nature of their role, you might like to know the low down on what these guys get up and perhaps see it’s something for you…

So, ahead of the new university year commencing in September we asked some of our brightest and best students on the job what they thought of the Raptor Brand Ambassador Experience.

Meet Sarah Crawford (Deliveroo), Tom Storey (SoundCloud) and Holly Fisher, a Liverpool University student who worked on the Bumble campaign as a Bumble Honey. After winning the ‘Ambassador of the Year” award and achieving the most downloads in one campaign Holly and the Liverpool team have won an all expenses trip to the White Isle of Ibiza, congratulations girls! 

This is what they had to say:

How were you recruited?

Sarah: I was recruited by Raptor to become a Student Brand Ambassador for Deliveroo whilst working for a student events company in Newcastle.

Holly: I was recruited through working for Cool it: Liverpool’s biggest student events company. One of our managers introduced me and two other cool it girls to Alex and Luke.

Tom: Having been initially introduced to Raptor by a friend, I quickly realized that they were an agency worth working with, so got in touch with them.

Nice, why is that?

Tom: They are professional and well connected whilst being relatable and easy going which has made working with them a real pleasure.

‘What did the role involve?’

Sarah: As a Student Brand Ambassador for Deliveroo, my role involved recruiting staff for Deliveroo and providing them with a code to receive a bonus, encouraging other students to download and use the Deliveroo app in exchange for free food credit and occasional flyering. The nature of the job meant that I could work as often as I wanted, whenever I had some free time.

‘What benefits did you get out of working with the client?’

Holly: Working with Bumble had so many benefits. It developed my promoting skills further, such as written and verbal communication. It also built my confidence up massively which helped me to persuade people to download the app. Skills aside, it gave me the chance to speak to other students, which meant I was making friends as I worked. It has also opened other job opportunities for me in other promoting jobs.

Tom: My role as a brand ambassador for Soundcloud consisted of promoting their new subscription ‘SoundCloud GO’ at an event that I co-run in Birmingham. Prior to the event I was invited by Raptor to attend a networking day where Soundcloud gave a great presentation on ‘how to make it in the music industry’. As someone who is interested in pursuing a career in music this was an incredibly valuable opportunity and I learnt a lot.

Sarah: Instead of gaining the reputation of a pestering promoter, people would come to me and ask for my Deliveroo code due to the benefits it gave them. At the same time as earning for myself, I was also able to give my friends and those who I recruited some added extras.

One of the highlights of the job was running and attending club nights, as part of the ‘Roo Rescue’ campaign, where we promoted the brand through taking pictures with giant photo-frames, stamping hands and giving out free merchandise such as t-shirts and free food vouchers.

‘Would you recommend the brand ambassador program to younger students? And why?’

Holly: I would recommend working with Raptor to any student who loves being social, loves having a good time and has a drive and motivation for reaching their goals. You don’t have to be an aspiring marketer either – I’m studying a biology degree. Plus, you don’t have to worry about being rewarded for your hard work. Raptor have rewarded me and my 2 other bumble girls with a trip to Ibiza in September for getting the most downloads in the campaign!! If that isn’t a reason to join the team, I don’t know what is.

Ambassador of the Year! from Raptor Marketing on Vimeo.

Tom: I would yeah – I have absolutely no doubt that Raptor will continue to provide excellent opportunities for students to develop their skillset and have already recommended them to several friends in younger years.

Sarah: Yes, I’d genuinely recommend the role to any student as it fits smoothly alongside the student lifestyle due it its’ flexibility.

‘Is it fun?’

Holly: In the time that I worked with Raptor, I honestly have never had so much fun whilst being paid for it. The guys are so friendly and easy to get along with, we all clicked straight away and had so many laughs. I would probably do it even if I wasn’t being paid, that’s how much fun I had…to be honest working with Raptor made my first year at uni all the more fun, and it really has been one of the best experiences ever.

Sarah: I enjoyed working for Raptor as a Student Brand Ambassador so much that it didn’t feel like a real job to be honest.

‘Would you tell future employers about us?’

Holly: I have told and will continue to tell future employers about my work at Raptor marketing. I think they would be impressed that I was chosen to be a part of such an amazing campaign alongside studying at uni.

Sarah: Yes, because it provides you with a firm grounding in areas that will be highly regarded by potential employers later, such as, marketing techniques, creativity, professionalism, communication, organisation and social media skills.

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